I quickly saw this amazing leader and her team already had the hardest part down: they had a clear mission they were committed to. Closing down the organization and finding work elsewhere wasn't an option for them. They were ready and willing to do whatever it took to serve their people. So why were they in so much trouble?


They spent all their time struggling with different pieces of technology for email blasting, social media and keeping up with their people. They had spreadsheets upon spreadsheets of contacts they collected that never made it onto any meaningful lists. Throwing fundraising events almost cost more money than they made because all staff time was spent keeping up with event management tasks before, during and afterward. They didn't have time to meaningfully follow up with new supporters and contributors.


On top of all this, they had a horribly dated and rarely refreshed website that turned a lot of new supporters away. No one on their team really knew how to update the website, and the web developer who built it for them wasn't answering their calls.


The problem wasn't with this executive director, her team or their mission - they just didn't have the tools they needed yet.


Myself and the team at Disruptive Strategies Group introduced this executive director to NationBuilder, and that's when everything changed for her.


With NationBuilder, now she and her team are able to:

  • Combine their website management, email blasting, contact relations management, payment processing, financial database and more together into one easy-to-use application
  • Track visitor engagement across the website, signups and email blasts to get a full picture of how they were engaging with the organization and send highly targeted communications
  • Send email blasts to email lists which automatically update as visitors sign up and edit their own online profiles

  • Raise more funds with beautiful payment pages accepting credit cards, Google Pay and Apple Pay
  • Easily add new blog and resource content to the website in minutes from anywhere in the world and without needing a web developer's help
  • Host great events with NationBuilder's powerful event management system and eliminate hours of administrative work
  • Work remotely together on the same platform with individual accounts and permission sets. Even non-tech savvy staffers quickly became power-users


Just a few months after they started using NationBuilder, this executive director and her team launched the campaign that turned everything around for them. It began with a coordinated blast across email, social media and the website, all through their NationBuilder account, and became more than a $100K fundraising event almost overnight.


Finally, their important message reached the people who needed to hear it.


They just needed the right tools to help them do it. 


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