Hi, I'm Owen, and let me tell you how my team and I helped a voiceless organization become an authoritative fundraising powerhouse in just a few short months.


I couldn't understand what the trouble was when I got the frantic call from a stressed-out executive director. She told me about her small but dedicated team, and how committed they all were to their mission. She showed me their amazing resources and great work they had done in service to their people in the past. She introduced me to the great organizations giving them grants and support to expand their impact. It sounded like everything was lined up perfectly for them.


But no one was joining their already small email list, and donations were trickling in at best.


They tried so many different tactics and came up with so many different ideas to bring new signups and contributors into their mission. But nothing they did seemed to get their message to reach past the loyal, but few, long-time supporters. 


This also wasn't the most tech-savvy group, and the team kept having trouble with using and paying for so many different pieces of marketing technology. 


Now, with grant renewals due and staff payrolls on the line, this executive director needed big changes in a short time to keep their mission alive.


And that's when she called Disruptive Strategies Group.