But it wasn't just this one organization - take a look at what NationBuilder has done for others.


An international professional association was struggling with increasing its membership. They had an outdated website and wanted to provide more value online for their global base. We helped them build a visually striking website on NationBuilder, including a powerful searchable member directory where members could log in and update their own profiles. Then we helped them build and execute a targeted online launch campaign from their new NationBuilder platform.

Paid Membership increased by 20% in the first three months.


A national issue advocacy organization was spending tens of thousands of dollars on a pricey direct mail campaign that was reaching lots of people but not creating new members or donations. We helped them create a digital platform with NationBuilder so they could properly engage the people they were reaching without having to bring in a marketing team.

In just six months they were able to fully pay for and expand their direct mail efforts with all the new donations and recurring memberships they're receiving.


A local membership organization had dreams of growing beyond its small membership, but they didn't even have capacity to collect payments from their members online. The leadership was very technology-averse, so they turned to NationBuilder which was easy for them to use to expand their reach and bring in the new members they wanted.

In under one year their membership doubled and they opened new chapters to support their rapid expansion. The admittedly non-tech-savvy leadership is still successfully updating and managing their website and NationBuilder platform on their own, without the need for a web developer.