I was at the end of my rope. Not only was I facing the challenge of building my organization during the depths of the Great Recession, my online outreach strategy was completely in shambles.

What was worse - I had to fix this all myself. Without the help of large teams like I had back at a big company, I had no idea how I was going to find the time and help I needed to get my website and digital campaigns back up. I had no idea when my new organization would be reaching people online again. 

But I remembered why I started this organization in the first place - to help other leaders start and grow their own organizations online. They were facing the same troubles I was, and I knew I had to find the solution for each of us. I reached out to the farthest edges of my network, which led me to an illuminating conversation.

I went to lunch with a good friend of mine and shared with him what was going on. He told me how he had the same problems and was trying out a brand new all-in-one digital platform a colleague introduced him to. He told me how NationBuilder was helping him have not just the professional and easy-to-update website he wanted, but also tools to automate all kinds of daily tasks and help him reach more people without bringing on a huge team. He shared with me how dependable NationBuilder is and how he's never had downtime problems with NationBuilder the way he had with WordPress.

At that point, everything changed!

After I started using NationBuilder for my own organization, I discovered how to:

  • Take full advantage of automation tools
  • Be a powerful and authoritative online presence
  • Have a modern website with a straightforward and intuitive design

I still use NationBuilder to grow and manage my own organization today, and I'm able to:

  • Focus on building and growing my organization instead of keeping up with pointless administrative tasks
  • Send highly targeted email campaigns that convert without spending all day updating email lists
  • Easily edit and add content on my website without depending on an outside website developer