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  • Website, email blasting and CRM integrated in one easy-to-use application so your information is always up to date and you spend less time working between applications.
  • Automatic recurring monthly and annual billing so you spend less time tracking down payments from renewing donors and lose fewer renewals.

  • Ability to track visitor activity across your website and your email blasts so you have detailed information at your fingertips on which campaigns are working best.

  • Dynamic, action-oriented website design so you can engage new visitors and become an exciting destination for visitors to return.

  • Clean, modern and engaging look for your website so that you build trust and authority with visitors.

  • Powerful automation tools so that you can effectively onboard and engage prospective members without having to pick up the phone or write a single email.

  • Straightforward and intuitive back-end design so current and future team members can easily update and work with your website, email and CRM system.


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