Cycle House

We provided marketing and other growth strategies at the launch of Cycle House, which now boasts multiple indoor-cycling locations, a primetime television show and more on the way.  

logo.png"Off World Enterprise brought incredible value to Cycle House.  We consulted them for several objectives: increasing our social media presence, understanding how to best build our brand, and ideas for 'on the ground' marketing tactics to get customers through our doors.  Their ideas were helpful and extremely effective.  Owen Ward and Off World Enterprise have a wealth of knowledge in the field of marketing and they know how to apply that knowledge in extremely effective ways.  

Adam Gillman
Founder, Cycle House


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The California Endowment - Asegúrate Campaign

We developed a campaign plan to reach both English and Spanish speaking Californians via digital and mobile to educate them on insurance options through the Affordable Care Act. 


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